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Neu im Programm: Spring Offensive

Spring Offensive - The River

Spring Offensive, both on record and live, are already a hugely accomplished band. Their debut album ‘Young Animal Hearts’ isn’t the
sound of a new band with potential still fumbling around trying to find their style - it’s a record that announces them as one of the UK’s
finest new bands.
Live, there’s an energy, creativity and conviction mixed with a style wholly their own, all led by the towering charismatic figure of frontman
Lucas Whitworth. Live it isn’t simply a band playing their music to an audience - it’s a cathartic experience for both Spring Offensive and
their fans. The song “The River” was inspired by the dark murder ballads of old English folk and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. It's a simple, menacing song, with a building and bubbling noise base that eventually breaks away into something bleakly triumphant. It's about an extreme response to betrayal.
The video for album track ‘The River’ is indicative of what - both visually and musically - Spring Offensive are capable of. Premiering on Clash this month, and shot in cinematic black and white, the video involved the long, tricky process of filling up a car with 7.5 tonnes of water, using rubber and duct tape to seal the Peugeot and pumping water through a hose from giant tanks. The track was inspired by the murderous folk music of the English countryside and the video mirrors the dark theme, with the atmosphere of Ben Wheatley's 'A Field In England', in which time and location are made to feel surreal and malleable, being an influence.

‘The River’ video feels like a dream with each band member floating over the ground, almost drawn towards the car. Conceptualised and directed by Matt and Lucas, with the whole of Spring Offensive working on the video’s production. The extended Spring Offensive ‘family’ of friends and fans were brought in to help, with Sam King filming and editing the video and a fan offering the band her Peugeot via Twitter.
One look at the video for 'The River', was enough for Stornoway to hire Matt to direct their latest music video to single 'Farewell Appalachia'.

Single-Release: 10. Januar 2014 und mehr Informationen zu den Künstlern findet ihr unter folgenden Web-Adressen.
Video: The River

"Spring Offensive - The River" läuft ab sofort auch in unserem Programm.

PM: Clausen & Claussen/ die Redaktion
Bildquelle: Clausen & Claussen

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