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Neu im Programm: The Go Find

The Go Find - We Run

In 2004 The Go Find’s Dieter Sermeus floated into our musical realm on a cute paper sailboat, guitar in his hands, palm trees in the distance. After finding the right musical companions he took a stroll in the woods on his second Go Find record. On the third record the band disappeared in a cardboard landscape of blue mountains, and now, in 2013, only colorful light beams remain, searching for a Brand New Love.

Dieter was born in 1975 and started playing in a guitar band when he was fifteen years old. Between 1997 and 2002 he fronted the band Orange Black, with whom he released three records on Atomic/Labelman. They played support for Pavement, followed by shows with Stereolab, Seam, Unwound and others.

By 2001 Dieter’s love for electronics grew and with the help of his good friend Styrofoam, he recorded the first Go Find record “Miami” (2004), a perfectly constructed collection of crackled bedroom pop held together by Dieter’s high and dreamy voice. Mostly a solo effort at that point, but for the tours that followed Dieter put together a solid band. Subsequently “Stars on the wall” (2007) was a bigger record in many ways. It was a confident and optimistic indiepop album with more room for synths, yet still retaining a distinct sense of melancholy. The record featured ‘New Year’- a modest radio hit - and was followed by an extensive tour of Europe. In 2009 The Go Find featured on a Morr Music Compilation with a wonderful cover of Pink Frost by The Chills. This proved to be the perfect choice for a band that by now has embraced the dreamy sound of 80s synths and a good opportunity to include a female voice on a Go Find track.

2010 sees the release of the third Go Find record “Everybody knows it’s gonna happen, only not tonight”, a record full of youthful innocence, wrapped in dreamy pop songs built around swirling synths, acoustic guitars and Dieter’s distinct voice. Where “Everybody knows it’s gonna happen, only not tonight” displayed overt influences of Pavement (‘Cherry Pie’) and Roxy Music (‘Heart Of Gold’), the brand new “Brand New Love” (2014) sees The Go Find dive deep into the New Romantics decade and its smooth synths sounds, only to come up with 21st century pop songs that turn the boy meets girl stories you’re used to upside down and inside out. (Very) loosely inspired by Sebadoh’s song with the same title, “Brand New Love” will make you want to slow-dance to 2020 sounding hybrids of “Sexual
Healing” and “I Want To Know What Love Is”, and drive through endless neon-lit hot summer nights. Really. You will come out feeling happy. And slightly sad. And then happy again.

Release: 06. Dezember 2013 und mehr Informationen zu den Künstlern findet ihr unter folgenden Web-Adressen.
Video: We Run

"The Go Find - We Run" läuft ab sofort auch in unserem Programm.

PM: Clausen & Claussen/ die Redaktion
Bildquelle: Clausen & Claussen

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